Girls want body hairs, boys get rid of them.

Girls want body hairs, boys get rid of them.

This is a short ironical point of view about a new hype feminism situation about body hair.

Since a few time, women are rebelling about the society standards regarding things like body hairs. Why should they shave? It’s boring, expensive, chronophage,… They are wrong.

What I blame is that they don’t fight for the good cause.

When fighting, you should pick the right cause. In this case, standards ain’t a good reason IMHO. I would have agree with girls if they picked health issues. Don’t get me wrong, hopefully some does but I don’t feel like they are a majority, yet. It’s bad for the health, hairs have a role in body temperature control, etc. This is right(-er).

Sure, it can be disturbing at first, seeing a girl with hairs under her armpits. But as you are used to see girls without it, you will get used to see girls with it.

At the same time, boys shave their faces, and it hurts, burns, bores (because of the blood), etc. As the time goes, we see more and more boys shaving more parts of their bodies (torso, legs, genitals, armpits, …). And they mostly do it for the same reason, beauty standards. They are wrong.

The problem is just a matter of standards provided by education and/or society (mostly societies, actually). And this can go really far and go totally insane.

Remember, during Middle Age and Renaissance, chubby/fat women were praised and there was no eyes for thin/skinny girls. This is a just artificial gender norms.

Take care of you, stop hurting yourself.

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